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DYO Outlet

Spell it out with Chamilia Alphabet beads! These sterling silver letters of the alphabet will communicate whatever you want them to. Select the letters you need to spell out a message, your or someone else’s name, mottos, statements or why not even try some popular modern-day acronyms? The sleek and modern design of these Alphabet charms make them clear and easy to read.

Alphabet beads can be set in place with lock beads or even separated with the use of other Chamilia beads to display the initials of your name or for adding more pizzazz to whatever word or words you would like to communicate. Set them against the rich colors of the braided leather bracelets for bold, standout expression or on any of the sterling silver bracelets for a classic look.

Try the ever-popular name spelling display, or try something different; Spell out MOM.TO.BE for a charming gift to give expecting mothers. Or let the world know your status; HAPPY, TAKEN or even ORGANIC!

Chamilia’s Alphabet beads are perfect for everything and anything you want to say.

Alphabet Beads